A Whale of A Time - School Holiday Program

From AUD $13.00
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: City of Victor Harbor, SA
  • Product code: AWT

Whales are such incredible creatures, with their unique methods of feeding, communication, and migration.

From the majestic blue whale to intelligent orcas, there's so much to learn about these marine mammals. Their feeding techniques vary depending on their species and location, ranging from filter feeding to hunting in packs. Communication among whales is also intricate, involving vocalizations, body language, and even songs that can travel vast distances underwater. When it comes to migration, some species of whales undertake some of the longest journeys in the animal kingdom, traveling thousands of kilometres each year. Along the way, they encounter various marine life, forming complex ecosystems and interconnected relationships. It's truly awe-inspiring to explore the world of whales and the diverse habitats in which they live.

Entry to the South Australian Whale Centre Exhibits is included in the education session cost for each child in attendance. 

A 45minute Guided Tour of the Whale Centre by an experienced whale and dolphin educator can be added to the experience for an additional $5 per child.